Close collaboration with the customer for optimal solutions

SteelTech works with stainless steel, black sheet and plastics together with different types of surface finishes. We endeavour to cover the majority of manufacturing undertakings in-house and thanks to access to highly specialised subcontractors in our network, we offer our customers reliable turnkey solutions.


For every project we are entrusted, SteelTech’s engineers will closely interact with the customer to improve, adapt and document conceptions or existing products.


To ensure time and cost-efficient production, once drawings of a target product are complete we fashion the basic materials to create one or more prototypes, each one carefully adapted to our product line and designed with long-lasting materials.


Next, our production assembles the basic materials, mechanical and electric parts together with water management devices to deliver a complete product ready for delivery to the customer's sales organisation.


Finally in another important process, we prepare the documentation required to prepare the finished product for a commercial launch in different markets.


SteelTech i Alingsås AB continuously invests to improve its production equipment. Our excellent production facilities enable us to offer contract manufacturing that meets and exceeds our customers' expectations.