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Research and development

For us at SteelTech, it has always been important to be at the forefront of research and development. On the one hand to satisfy our customers' requirements, needs and wants, and on the other to drive this development forward and thus provide our customers with efficient solutions that are also energy efficient and functional.


SteelTech's development team has strong expertise in project management, engineering, design, manufacturing, electrical design as well as testing and compliance verification.


Together with representatives from our customers, we develop new products and components in the form of projects. We then warrant that these solutions meet various directives and standards, such as CE, PED, LVD and ETL.


At SteelTech, we operate a complete prototype workshop including a test laboratory where we can verify product functionality, safety and quality.


To this end we work with different applications, such as Inventor, Catia, Cadett Elsa and AutoCAD.


Tailored custom solutions

At SteelTech, we can tailor unique custom solutions that perfectly match the customer's business. We do this by maintaining close dialogue with the client.


Our products require a high degree of system customisation and flexibility, as no two industrial kitchens are the same. In addition, new knowledge and technology are changing the process on how food is handled, including basic requirements. This is why it is imperative to be inquisitive and remain receptive to new technologies. SteelTech’s process approach covers all steps from all sorts of analyses, outlines and layout proposals to special adaptations for installation and service.


System customisation also means we are highly familiar with project management. We know our market inside out and are adept at cooperating with the various participants. Staying responsive to customer needs is essential, but is is just as important to be able to quickly adapt products and systems to unique conditions.


SteelTech is a guarantor of the creative whole. Our objective is to always deliver an optimal solution, which in turn leads to long-lasting relationships with our clients.