Smart Variomix

Smart Variomix is available in sizes of 50, 100, 150, 200 and 300 litres.

This boiling pan features a gate-formed agitator, scrapers and continuously variable stirring speed up to 200 rpm. The pan has electronic control for pre-programmed cooking. The large, inclined display enables clear monitoring throughout the cooking process and enables exact control of tipping and stirring speed.

The pan is designed to comply with the highest hygienic standards. The pan features uniform and rapid heating thanks to indirect heat transfer. Highly efficient insulation reduces heat loss whilst offering impressive cooking performance.

The pan features motorised tipping and can be tilted beyond 90°. The vessel is ergonomically designed with a large diameter and shallow depth. The pan has an optimally designed emptying lip to facilitate emptying prepared food in containers, trolleys, etc.

It has a stainless steel lid, partly constituted by a see-through grille for quick confirmation and easy filling of ingredients during the cooking process. The lid allows operation of the boiling pan at full speed, and it has a sliding plastic cover above the grille portion. The lid can be removed and is easy to clean.

In addition to the protective grille, the pan can be equipped with factory-installed options such as:

  • Food temperature sensor.
  • Flow meters programmable for filling a desired amount of water.
  • Jacket cooling to enable cooling of prepared food immediately after the cooking process.
  • Manual hand shower to facilitate cleaning.

To achieve faster and more efficient cooling, the pan can be equipped with the factory-fitted ice cooling option. This adapts the pan for connection to an existing ice water cooling system in the kitchen or an external ice cooler. This variant is only available in a single rack configuration.

These pans are environmentally friendly since 98% of the materials are recyclable. The pan is further equipped with a safety valve and safety thermostat to prevent steam overpressure and a too low water level in the jacket.

To facilitate easy boiling pan operation, various accessories are available, such as sieve plates, cleaning tools, beaters and brushes for connection to the hand shower, etc.

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 MG 5659


Smart Variomix
Capacity (litres): 50, 100, 150, 200, 300
Power (kW): 16, 24, 31.5, 40, 52.5


 MG 5608

 MG 5649 MG 5651 MG 5654