Roller conveyors

Roller conveyors are primarily used to easily, ergonomically and correctly feed washing baskets into a covered or tunnel-type dishwasher, and to accept washed tableware from the machine at the other end. The roller conveyors are available in different standard lengths, either fixed or mobile, and they can be customised to fit into the dish washing room.




Immersion slat conveyors

Immersion slat conveyors are used to easily remove food leftovers, etc. before the basket is fed into the covered or tunnel-type dishwasher. They can also be used for soaking soiled tableware. These immersion slat conveyors are manufactured with slats, or alternatively rollers, to easily enable transport of the basket to the dishwasher. The immersion slat conveyors are available in different standard lengths and can be customised to fit into the dish washing room.




Curve turntables and side loaders

Curve turntables and side loaders are used in dish washing facilities with basket dishwashers. They are designed to optimise the flow of tableware in the dish washing room for the purpose of saving space and streamlining the process. The curve turntables are dishwasher-driven and are available for installation both upstream and downstream.

Side loaders are also dishwasher-driven and are used only upstream. These can also be adapted in length to fit the dish washing room.



Stacking tables

Stacking tables are used to sort tableware and other items already in the dining hall when guests submit their plates, cutlery, glasses, etc. The tables are available in different versions, from manual stacking tables with rollers to dishwasher-driven versions and fully automatic cord conveyors.

The design of the stacking tables is adapted to the customer’s requirements and sorting needs.




Tray and basket conveyor

The cord conveyor for trays is mainly used to transport trays with tableware from the dining room to the dish washing room, even if it’s on a different floor level. Stations are erected next to the conveyor to pick and place tableware into different baskets, whilst cutlery can be automatically removed by means of magnetic pickers. The end of the cord conveyor for trays typically connects to a tray dishwasher or alternatively a tray dispenser.

The cord conveyor for baskets is used to transport baskets with tableware from the stacking tables to a tunnel-type dishwasher.

The design of the conveyor can be adapted to the customer’s requirements and needs.


SP90° and SP600 and prewash modules

A prewash module dishwasher is used to replace manual pre-rinsing of soiled tableware before it is transported into a tunnel-type dishwasher.

The baskets pass automatically through the prewash module using either a cord conveyor or a feeding arm.

The prewash modules are available in two versions:

  • Straight installation designed for a feeding arm or a cord conveyor
  • Corner installation adapted for a cord conveyor.
  Pre-wash unit 90.1Fördiskmaskin hel lucka