Immersion slat conveyors

Immersion slat conveyors are used to easily remove food leftovers, etc. before the basket is fed into the covered or tunnel-type dishwasher. They can also be used for soaking soiled tableware. These immersion slat conveyors are manufactured with slats, or alternatively rollers, to easily enable transport of the basket to the dishwasher. The immersion slat conveyors are available in different standard lengths and can be customised to fit into the dish washing room.

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Immersion slat conveyor
Length: 800, 1,100, 1,600 mm
Height: 910±50 mm
Width: 620 mm
Immersion slat conveyor with splash guard
Length: 800, 1,100, 1,600 mm
Height: 910/1,370±50 mm
Width: 620/737 mm