SP90° and SP600 and prewash modules

A prewash module dishwasher is used to replace manual pre-rinsing of soiled tableware before it is transported into a tunnel-type dishwasher.

The baskets pass automatically through the prewash module using either a cord conveyor or a feeding arm.

The prewash modules are available in two versions:

  • Straight installation designed for a feeding arm or a cord conveyor
  • Corner installation adapted for a cord conveyor.









Pre-wash unit 90.1Fördiskmaskin hel lucka

SP90° prewash module dishwasher
Length: 1,080 mm
Height: 1,610/2,415±50 mm
Width: 1,080 mm
SP600 prewash module dishwasher
Length: 600/1,000 mm
Height: 1,610/2,415±50 mm
Width: 955 mm