TINA 180

Optimised thawing process monitored by an electronic thermometer. The display shows the surface temperature (set value) and the raw surface temperature (actual value). On reaching the desired temperature, the cabinet automatically switches to refrigeration mode with a temperature of +4°C.

The desired temperature can be easily set using the control panel before starting the process.

Depending on the thickness of the raw materials and the quantity of liquid, the thawing duration can be reduced by up to 80%. With TINA, weight loss is reduced by up to 50% compared to traditional thawing methods. The raw materials retain their freshness in the thawing process without losing more than 5% in weight. This in turn gives a perfect result and the food retains its taste, nutritional content, texture and appearance.

The cabinet has a hygienic design thanks to smooth surfaces and rounded corners. The washing programme uses a built-in fan to disperse low-temperature steam throughout the cabinet interior for a 5-minute duration. When the temperature reaches 80°C, the disinfection process begins.

The TINA 180 has removable rack runners for 6 GN 1/1 baskets/containers.

The maximum thawing weight per thawing event is 40 kg for the TINA 180.

The TINA 180 complies with the CE safety rules and has been prepared for connection to a HACCP system.

The TINA 180 also has accessories such as wire baskets suitable for larger food items like steaks and fillets.

Perforated containers are suitable for smaller food items, such as prawns and berries as well as minced, diced and sliced meat.

Product data sheet for the TINA 180 thawing cabinet




TINA 180
Length: 830 mm
Height: 1,060 mm
Width: 795 mm
Weight: 150 kg