SteelTech is certified according to ISO 9001:2015

 MG 6799


Representatives of SteelTech i Alingsås AB recently accepted the SS-EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification.


“This has proved a very useful review of the company to ensure that our previous quality management system is up to standard and meets today's strict requirements,” says SteelTech CEO Björn Sjölin.

“Not least on the service side, where we often are involved in public procurement, this certification is basically a mandatory condition to be able to compete. Likewise, we can now in good conscience explain to all our other customers that we are actively engaged in quality issues.”

Work on the certification had been ongoing throughout 2016 with SteelTech’s Quality Manager Jürgen Lundqvist in charge of the project.

“In this process, we have been able to further refine our internal processes to identify possible weaknesses and correct them,” says Jürgen and continues:

“We have dealt with many facets, starting with a new document management system to bringing our error reporting system up to date. Moreover, we have received confirmation that our previous system actually still holds a very high standard, which of course is reassuring.”

The audit was conducted by the independent certification company A3Cert (www.a3cert.com), which also presented the company with the certificate at a small ceremony held at SteelTech in September.

In the final stages of the certification process, two audits were conducted in order to remedy possible shortcomings. Going forward, an audit will take place once a year to keep the ongoing work on quality management current.


The photo shows Björn Sjölin, CEO at SteelTech, receiving the certificate as proof of a successful ISO 9001 certification, from Evert Larsson, CEO at A3Cert. On the right, Jürgen Lundqvist, Quality Manager at SteelTech and responsible for the certification process.