We have now finally settled in!

18666666-c482-462e-a7c8-4d08bf56e43cStarting 1 April, we moved one department after the other from the old facilities on Lärkvä- gen to our new ones on Bultgatan in Sävelund Industrial Park just outside the centre of Alingsås. By the 1:st of June, all departments had moved. Right now we are busy making minor adjustments to ensure everything will work like clockwork. All along, the customers have been in our focus.

“We only had two choices: Either completely shut down the business for a few weeks and move 85 staff members and machines at one

and the same time, which would disrupt deliv- eries during the move. The other option was to move in stages, whilst keeping operations running albeit at reduced capacity. We chose the latter and considering the circumstances, I think the move went well. Nevertheless, I willbe the first one to apologise if anyone has suf- fered delivery delays, but I hope and trust you will show forbearance and appreciate the in-crease in efficiency going forward,” says Björn Sjölin, CEO of Steeltech.

What has this move meant?
“We have created more modern facilities that are better suited for our operations. Pre- viously, we had 7,600 m2 at our disposal, to- day we have 6,400 m2, but the new layout willsignificantly improve material flows and ourworking environment.

Can you give some examples?
“We have subdivided our different opera- tions more clearly, and sheet metal proces- sing, edge pressing, traditional welding and laser welding are now completely separated. The newly built unit, covering a full 3,000 m2, now houses Assembly, Warehousing and Loading/Unloading, all three set at ground level, which is a clear advantage. Likewise,

we have expanded our personnel areas, in- cluding a canteen and cloakrooms, and the administrative section has also undergone a facelift. It is now more pleasant and pur- poseful. We now have much improved me- eting facilities when receiving customers, and our machines are showcased in our newshowroom,” Björn explains.

“All in all, this has given us a real boost,which we believe will without doubt benefit our customers thanks to more efficient andimproved business operations. Welcome tothe “new” Steeltech!”