New investment in laser welding will boost ef ciency


Steeltech has upgraded its six-axle laser robot from a 2 kilowatt laser unit to a 6 ki- lowatt unit, opening up a spectre of new pos- sibilities. Thanks to the new laser unit, we can now offer not only welding of more mate- rials buy also thicker materials.

In terms of actual materials, this involves aluminium and titanium in various alloys and both black and stainless steel with a thick- ness up to 6-7 mm. The laser cell also featu- res a so-called round table, enabling product switching while welding is in progress. Ove-

rall this has resulted in a signi cant increa- se in our production ef ciency. The “new” machine has already been installed in the new facilities on Bultgatan and production is in full swing.

Just like before, Steeltech is also offering its customers the opportunity to rent the cell for test runs.

“We also assist our customers, both theore- tically and practically, with the transition from conventional welding to laser welding,” says Production Manager Tomas Magnusson.