A more distinct environmental focus


The market and our primary target group – industrial kitchens and the food industry – are increasingly requesting reduced consumption of resources, such as electricity, water, deter- gents, compressed air, etc. Going forward, this is an issue everyone at Steeltech will place gre- ater emphasis on. Our ambition, among otherthings, is to acquire ISO 14000 certification,and at the moment we are implementing a se- ries of measures in preparation for this.

“A growing number of customers are put- ting increased emphasis on the total life cycle of a product rather than merely look- ing at the initial base price. This is something that encourages a clearer environmental way of thinking and technological development in general,” Björn Sjölin explains.

And this is the very reason why we atSteeltech have intensified our environmentalefforts.

Here are a few examples of recent underta- kings:
• Investment in a new LPG powered car for the Service department.
• Personnel training in smarter and more ef- fective driving techniques.
• The launch of an organised environmental awareness concept in our business manage- ment system with respect to such items as hazardous goods in order to create better control in the workshop.
• Efforts to improve the work environment in Welding and Foaming through investmentsin process filters and exhaust systems.
• Implementation of numerous internal measures to save energy, heat and water.
• Heat recovery from the laser welding system.
• Appointing a new environmental commission.
• Installation of an oil and rainwater separation facility in the parking lot.
• A complete revision of lab routines and test procedures for reduced environmental impact.
• Introduction of Kranmärkt (Eco-labelled) drinking water, i.e. drinking water right from the tap instead of bottled water. In this way, we will contribute to reduced carbon dioxide emissions and unnecessary waste.