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Impeccable service of industrial kitchen equipment

SteelTech is renowned as one of Europe's leading specialists in stainless steel products and logistics for industrial kitchens and the food industry. We develop, manufacture and market custom-designed boiling pans, thawing products and cleaning systems.


SteelTech Service serves all types of industrial kitchen equipment.


Our service vehicles stock the most common genuine spare parts for the Smart boiling pans as well as the thawing cabinets and cleaning systems manufactured by SteelTech.


All industrial handling systems and tunnel-type/conveyor dishwashers constitute complex systems. To meet customer needs, these facilities often include custom-designed solutions with unique features. We also offer a total service concept backed up by associated spare parts for all types of equipment in industrial kitchens. There is large demand for both emergency interventions and planned maintenance work, and because we are experts on these types of products, we also are the obvious choice for cost-efficient servicing.


To help the installer during installation and assist with commissioning and training, SteelTech offers support during installation as well as training of service technicians.


We are convinced that a proper handover of systems brings with it increasingly satisfied customers and helps lower the costs for warranty service.


Each service visit is completed by handing over a service protocol with clear information on product status and the implemented measures.




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